Who we are

  J.C.Moritz is a company dedicated to providing the investment research and industry advisory services to professional institutions. We build effective communication platform between the enterprises and research institutions, consulting company, investment institutions and domestic first-class industry consultant, key information communication industry.    

What we do

  Working closely with our clients, J.C.Moritz gathers and analyzes the strategic market intelligence they need for making wiser decisions.    To support our clients, we develop the actionable, strategic recommendations to better evaluate market opportunities and consumer behaviors so as to strengthen their long-term revenue growth.    

How we work

  Qualitative and quantitative researches are most commonly used at J.C.Moritz and we have developed a wide range of data collection methods. In real project scenarios, while applying normative rules, we further tailor our methods to better meet customers’ requirements.   We also build effective communication platform between enterprises and investment instit

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Chinese retail market and its huge potential have attracted almost all the international brands. Today, at J.C.Moritz, many of our clients are pursuing optimal integration with offline resources, applied and transformed to online to offline mode. With the emergence of a large number of O2O vertical electric business players, retail industry is now under a more intense competitive environment. A common problem for Chinese and foreign consumer goods and retail enterprises is how to survive from the situation.


J.C.Moritz has a wide range of experience in helping customers to achieve a strong and sustainable growth in global market. We have a comprehensive research solution based on deep observation on consumer needs and characteristics. We are committed to provide our clients with personalized advisory services. Our clients include grocery chains, general merchandise stores, apparel retailers, convenience stores, drug chains, luxury retailers, restaurants, hotels, specialty retailers and e-retailers.


The retail world—with its razor-thin margins and relentless big bets on fashions, trends and timing—has never been a haven for the faint of heart. Furthermore,  disruption of digital technology, emerging market opportunities and changing consumer tends to create higher uncertainty than ever before. J.C.Moritz works alongside leading retailers to develop and implement customized solutions that address challenges and seize future opportunities.



We have completed a number of projects to help retailers tackle their top strategic, operational, financial and organizational issues.




We offer expert services in the following areas:


   New concept and format development

   Store portfolio optimization

   Customer insights and segmentation

   Category management, pricing and promotions strategies

   Store operations excellence

   Sourcing strategy 

   Supply chain management