Who we are

  J.C.Moritz is a company dedicated to providing the investment research and industry advisory services to professional institutions. We build effective communication platform between the enterprises and research institutions, consulting company, investment institutions and domestic first-class industry consultant, key information communication industry.    

What we do

  Working closely with our clients, J.C.Moritz gathers and analyzes the strategic market intelligence they need for making wiser decisions.    To support our clients, we develop the actionable, strategic recommendations to better evaluate market opportunities and consumer behaviors so as to strengthen their long-term revenue growth.    

How we work

  Qualitative and quantitative researches are most commonly used at J.C.Moritz and we have developed a wide range of data collection methods. In real project scenarios, while applying normative rules, we further tailor our methods to better meet customers’ requirements.   We also build effective communication platform between enterprises and investment instit

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         ●   Consultation Services


J.C.Moritz provides high-value consultation services through connecting clients directly with relevant knowledge consultants. These consultants assist clients to make more informed investment and business decisions through multiple perspectives and insights on key industry developments as well as related trends and issues.
Based on our client’s needs and research objectives, J.C.Moritz can arrange one-on-one consultations between the client and the consultants to ensure customized and interactive sharing of knowledge. Engagements can also include in-person consultations, field or site visits, technical and product evaluation, and industry or company appraisals.


          ●   Roadshows


As an investor it is often critical to attain a strong knowledge base prior to investment. To assist in this effort J.C.Moritz is able to provide consultant roadshows where consultants visit your offices to provide their expertise through lecture or seminar formats.


          ●   Investor Tours


Additionally, to attain better on-the-ground exposure and understanding on a potential investment or region. J.C.Moritz is able to provide investor tours to Mainland China. We can provide to other regions on a case-by case basis.


          ●   Teleconferences


J.C.Moritz teleconference is presented to provide a more thorough analysis of hot topics related to recent industry developments. The first part is devoted to the consultant presentation with the remaining time for Q&A, the combination of which provides a visual and in-depth understanding of overall development and important issues in the industry. 


          ●   News talk

J.C.Moritz news talk is a weekly 30-minute teleconference presented by our senior consultants from various industries to help clients keep tabs on marketplace developments. Presenters are industry leaders who provide unique perspectives from their respective industries.